The Development Works Food Company incorporated as a limited liability company with a capital of SAR 100,000 on 14/07/1431 H corresponding to 28/06/2010 G under the name of Qoot for developing food and restaurants, on the date of 11/11/1434 H corresponding to 17/09/2013 G The addendum to amend the memorandum of association was made for changing the name of the company from the mentioned name to be Development food company. On 07/01/1435 H corresponding to 11/11/2013 G the resolution had been adopted. On 24/01/1438 H corresponding to 25/10 / 2016 G the company's capital had been increased to SAR12.500.000 and the company was transferred to a closed joint-stock company in hereby the Ministerial Decree No. / 19 dated 25/1/1438 H corresponding to 26/10/2016 G was the registration of the company as a closed joint-stock company had been approved. On 26/02/2017 it was enrolled in the public market under the number (9501). The principal activity of the Company is the establishment and operation of restaurants serving quality cooked meals and refreshments. Its business strategy is putting three restaurants concepts(branches) side by side in each strategic area, complementing each other, and giving customers a variety of choices:

1. Juice Time Restaurants (Fresh Juice)

2. Quiznos Sub (Breads)

3. Beefshots (Burger)

4. Juice:Time Plus